Step One

After logging into the Referral Manager, click on any part of the line of a lead to update that lead:

Step Two

The My Referral page contains some basic information for each lead, such as the client's name, phone number, time frame, and price. To update the status of the lead, you'll select the green Update Status bar at the bottom of the page:

Step Three

To update the status of the referral, click the 'choose' button for the milestone you wish to update. 

On this screen, you can also release the lead if you're no longer working with the client, or put the lead on a long-term hold if they're not actively looking to purchase right away. Long-term holds can go from one to six months. This will keep the referral in your possession, without requiring you to continually update the referral on a weekly basis. 

Step Four

For each milestone, you will need to add content in the required fields - marked with a red * - in order to activate the option to save the update: